Fact Sheet

Academic Health Center Student Consultative Committee (AHC SCC)

What is the AHC SCC:

The Academic Health Center Student Consultative Committee (AHC SCC) is a committee comprised of graduate, professional, and undergraduate students from within the Academic Health Center to discuss issues and concerns in common among AHC colleges and programs.

The committee meets one Wednesday per month from 5:00-6:00 p.m. with Barbara Brandt, Associate Vice President for Education in the AHC to:
-- discuss issues and matters of concern to AHC students;
-- meet with academic officers in the AHC to share the student viewpoint on issues.

Past Committee Issues:

Since the committee’s inception, the AHC SCC has discussed and provided input to AHC administration on issues, including but not limited to:

AHC SCC Membership:

The AHC SCC is composed of 15 student members from the following colleges:

Expectation of Members:

1. Attend monthly meetings whenever possible.

2. Speak up and offer thoughts, comments, suggestions, criticisms or concerns during meetings or provide agenda items for future meetings.

3. Let class members know about your involvement with the committee. This provides other students with a venue for their concerns and thoughts.

4. Have your eyes and ears open when you are in class or with your classmates so that even if something is not brought directly to you, you will be aware of concerns to other students.

For More Information:

The University Senate is responsible for the operational duties of the AHC SCC. The staff person for the committee is Renee Dempsey. She can be reached at: Phone: 612-625-4859, Fax: 626-1609, E-mail: demps005@umn.edu, In Person: 426 Morrill Hall. The 2010-11 AHC SCC Chair will be elected in October. The web site for the AHC SCC, including the committee membership, meeting schedule, minutes is: http://www1.umn.edu/usenate/committees/ahcscc.html
Revised: 9/30/10