The Classroom Advisory Subcommittee (CAS) shall be a standing subcommittee of the Educational Policy Committee.  CAS is an advisory group for the Office of Classroom Management (OCM) in the execution of its broad responsibilities as the single point of contact and responsibility for all classroom issues.

CAS shall be a broadly representative group that can provide faculty and staff consultation and input on the wide range of issues relating to teaching and learning in classrooms. Relevant issues include room standards, design, infrastructure, technology, training, planning, funding, and maintenance. CAS would also be the appropriate consultative body to consider issues relating to classroom scheduling policies and classroom utilization guidelines.

CAS’s initial focus is expected to be as a consultative resource for the Office of Classroom Management as OCM implements the recommendations that have already been approved by the University Senate (“1998 Classroom Management Recommendations Report”).



The Subcommittee shall consist of 6 faculty (at least one of whom should also be a member of the Academy of Distinguished Teachers and all of whom should be drawn from different teaching environments), 2 P&A staff, and 4 students, to be appointed in accord with the Protocol on Appointment of Subcommittees of Senate Committees in consultation with the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost.  The chair shall be a faculty member, designated by the chair of the Educational Policy Committee in consultation with the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost.  Ex officio members shall include the Director of Classroom Management and representatives from Facilities Management, the Office of Information Technology, the Center for Teaching and Learning Services, and the Office of Disabilities Services.