Faculty Senate Bylaws, Article IV., Section 5


The Research Committee represents the interests of faculty, academic professionals, students, and civil service staff in research and support for research at the University.


The Research Committee shall be composed of:
15 faculty members,
2 academic professional members,
3 students,
1 civil service staff member,
1 postdoctoral fellow/associate, and
ex officio representation as specified by vote of the Faculty Senate.

Faculty, academic professional, civil service, and student members shall be appointed by the Committee on Committees. Academic professional members must be eligible to serve in the Faculty Senate. Postdoc members shall be appointed by the Postdoctoral Association.

Duties and Responsibilities

a. To recommend to the Faculty Consultative Committee such policies as it deems necessary and appropriate with respect to research activities, facilities, personnel, and patents.

b. To consult with and advise the president and senior academic officers on the stimulation of and support for research activities.

c. To assist in the evaluation of research programs within the University.

d. To speak for the faculty on governmental, industrial, and other private sector and foundation support of the research programs of the University.

e. To advise the Vice President for Research and the Dean of the Graduate School on matters relating to research.

(updated: 7/19/16)

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