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2018-19 Committee Chairs and Staff

Senate/Faculty Consultative Joseph Konstan Renee Dempsey
Student Consultative/Student Senate Catalina Anampa Castro Chris Kwapick
P&A Consultative Ian Ringgenberg Amber Bathke
Civil Service Consultative

Becky Nelson

Bobbie Erichsen
Academic Freedom and Tenure Jessica Larson Amber Bathke
Academic Health Center Faculty Consultative Wendy St. Peter Renee Dempsey
Academic Health Center Student Consultative Jessica Hadler Chris Kwapick
All-University Honors Robert Geraghty Vickie Courtney
Benefits Advisory Tina Falkner Chris Kwapick
Council on Liberal Education Kenneth Leopold Katie Russell
Disabilities Issues Benjamin Munson Amber Bathke
Educational Policy Jennifer Goodnough Amber Bathke
Classroom Advisory Subcommittee Thomas Michaels Amber Bathke
ROTC Subcommittee Joan Howland Amber Bathke
Equity, Access, and Diversity Keisha Varma Amber Bathke
Faculty Academic Oversight for Intercollegiate Athletics Timothy LaPara Vickie Courtney
Faculty Affairs Peh Ng Renee Dempsey
Retirement Subcommittee Murray Frank Renee Dempsey
Finance and Planning Frank Gigler Bobbie Erichsen
Information Technologies Geoffrey Ghose Bobbie Erichsen
Intercollegiate Athletics Timothy LaPara Vickie Courtney
Judicial Kristin Hickman Amber Bathke
Library Irene Duranczyk Amber Bathke
Research Phil Zelazo Bobbie Erichsen
Senate Committee on Committees Douglas Ernie Bobbie Erichsen
Social Concerns Ingrid Nuttall Amber Bathke
Student Academic Integrity Jeffrey Schott Chris Kwapick
Student Affairs Kari Volkmann-Carlsen Chris Kwapick
Student Behavior Lynette Renner Chris Kwapick
Student Sexual Misconduct Subcommittee Kevin Dostal Dauer
June Nobbe
Lynette Renner
Bobbie Erichsen
Student Committee on Committees TBD Chris Kwapick