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The Weekly Update for Friday, April 21, 2017

The Weekly Update contains approved minutes of committees of the University Senate. Minutes that have been approved will be posted on Fridays.

Civil Service Consultative Committee (CSCC), February 23, 2017

In these minutes: Approval of CS Senate applicants; Update on Joint Resolution with PACC on Regents Scholarship; Update on On-going Work on Effects from the Job Family Study; Discussion with Senior Vice President Brian Burnett

Senate Committee on Faculty Affairs (SCFA), March 21, 2017

In these minutes: Learning Management System Review; Administrative Policy on Reporting and Addressing Concerns of Misconduct; Women’s Faculty Cabinet Parental Leave Update

Faculty Consultative Committee (FCC), April 6, 2017

In these minutes: Discussion with Board of Regents Chair Dean Johnson and Vice Chair David McMillan; Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics Disaffiliation Motion; Proposed Changes to the Faculty Senate Constitution and Bylaws; Benefits Advisory Committee Nominations

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