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2016-17 Communications Subcommittee


Austin Calhoun
Medical School



The Communications Subcommittee enhances the image of P&A by publicizing the work of the P&A Senate and the achievements of P&A to all stakeholders.


The Communications Subcommittee shall be composed of at least 5 P&A members, including P&A Senate members, P&A Senate alternate members, and P&A at large.

Duties and Responsibilities

a. To provide direction for P&A Senate communication activities.

b. To work with P&A Consultative Committee to represent P&A and the P&A Senate to the media on and off-campus.

c. To promote P&A and the P&A Senate by facilitating and disseminating newsworthy issues and special events.

d. To build a strategic identity for the P&A Senate and P&A.

e. To conduct a bi-annual audit for P&A Senate communication tools.

f. To generate and prioritize a list of annual goals and submit an annual report.

g. To recommend to the P&A Consultative Committee such actions or policies as it deems appropriate.

h. To update the New Employee Orientation (NEO) PowerPoint presentation.

i. To coordinate with the outreach committee on communications with P&A serving on non-P&A Senate University committees.

2015-16 Meeting Schedule

The Communications Subcommittee meetings are held on the following Fridays from 10:00-11:00 am unless otherwise noted: