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P&A Senate Elections

P&A Senate Unit Elections for Senators and Alternates

Elections for P&A Senate members and alternates are held in the spring of each year. Each eligible unit conducts an election for expired or vacant P&A Senate members and alternates. Please watch your email for a call for nominations, and later, an election notification.

P&A Senate Officers and Representatives to the University Senate

Elections for chair-elect, subcommittee chairs, and P&A representatives to the University Senate are held in the spring of each year at a P&A Senate meeting. For 2017-18, the application deadline is Wednesday, April 5, 2017, at 4:00 pm. Elections will be held at the April 7, 2017, meeting.

For more information on the P&A Senate and these positions, please review the Welcome Packet. (PDF)

If you are a P&A Senator or Alternate interested in running for one of these positions, please complete the nomination form below:

There are 7 open P&A positions on the University Senate for 2017-18.

In accordance with P&A Senate rules, a call for nominations for the offices of Chair, Chair-elect, and standing subcommittee Chairs is made at a P&A Senate meeting each year with elections conducted at a following meeting.

In accordance with P&A Senate rules: