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Archived Leadership Mining Video

Starting in Fall 2009 University leaders were invited to meetings to discuss the topic of leadership and their perspectives on it. Following is the invitation and the questions that they were asked to consider:

CAPA is initiating a Leadership Mining program. The goal is to provide CAPA members the opportunity to benefit from University leaders' experience and vision. The most frequently asked question seems to be, "How do decisions get made at the University?" This discussion will provide CAPA members with a unique opportunity to glimpse what leaders see as the future of the University and what strategies may be implemented to achieve those goals. This is especially important in light of the University's financial situation.

Each invited speaker will prepare a 20-25 minute casual presentation based on the questions outlined below and adapted to your role and experiences at the University. There will then be a 10-15 minute question and answer period which will focus on the presentation.

Questions for leaders:

1. What is effective leadership for the University community?
a. How do you define effective leadership?
b. How is this definition reflected in the University culture?

2. What is your leadership style and why do you feel it has worked for you?
a. Have you changed your leadership style over the years?
b. Has your leadership style ever failed you?
c. Can it work for everyone?

3. As new initiatives move forward, what are the overarching goals and priorities for leadership development and culture change?
a. How are these priorities defined?
b. How does your leadership strengthen others?

4. What have you learned from your experience?

These discussions were recorded and are available below.

President Bruininks - November 2009, Part 1
President Bruininks - November 2009, Part 2
Chancellor Lehmkuhle - December 2009
Senior Vice President and Dean Frank Cerra - January 2010
Vice Provost and Dean Henning Schroeder - February 2010
Dean Beverly Durgan - April 2010
Associate Vice President Gail Klatt - May 2010
Director Joel Maturi - January 2011