P&A  Senate News.

December 2013 Issue

December P&A Brown Bag

The Professional Development & Recognition Subcommittee sponsored a very well received session on "Understanding and Supporting the Mental Health of U of MN Students" featuring Barb Blacklock, Disability Services; Gary Christenson, Boynton Health Service; Alisa Eland, International Student and Scholar Services; and Matt Hanson, University Counseling and Consulting Services.  If you missed it, the recording and handouts are available.  Previous Brown Bag sessions are also available.

December P&A Senate meeting

On December 6 the P&A Senate met, including discussions with guests VP and CIO Scott Studham, and UM-TC Director of Athletics Norwood Teague. Summary Notes are available here.

November and December PACC meetings

The P&A Consultative Committee (PACC) met on November 20 and December 16.  Conversations were held with President Kaler, Vice President Richard Pfutzenreuter, Director of OHR, Patti Dion, and Jason Rohloff and Matt Smriga from University Government & Community Relations. For a report of those meetings from Chair Cynthia Murdoch, click here.

Strategic Planning Update

The Strategic Planning workgroup has met several times this semester. It has drafted mission and vision statements and begun to assemble a list of core values for the TC campus. These items will be presented in draft form to the Board of Regents in December. In the coming weeks, workgroup members will be meeting with stakeholders and seeking input on the campus' strengths and opportunities in the next 10 years in order to begin finalizing the specific goals the campus should reach in that time. If you have not already shared your ideas with the P&A Representatives on the workgroup, please do so here

Office for Conflict Resolution Update and Resources

Carolyn Chalmers, Director of the Office for Conflict Resolution (OCR), joined the November 1 P&A Senate meeting to discuss her office. The OCR helps employees with employment-related issues and concerns, and is a neutral party that does not advocate for either side. The office is system-wide under the Office of Equity and Diversity (OED). Most work involves informal, private consultations to
develop strategies for a productive work environment.

Please view the Working Together Better website for development tools and one-page guides to address specific topics.

P&A Senate Outreach Subcommittee Update

The Outreach Subcommittee continues to work to ensure representation to the P&A Senate from all units across the University, we are almost there but still working to fill the last spots. This year the committee also has four main projects it is working on 1) Encouraging P&A Senators to run for election to the P&A Senate Consultative Committee 2) Building connections for P&As to get involved in advocacy with the Legislature 3) Reviewing and updating the P&A Senate bylaws and procedures 4) Researching and reporting on "best practices" for P&As within units around the University. The subcommittee is always looking for ways to build the structures for the P&A Senate to run more smoothly and be more responsive to and representative of P&A employees system-wide.

P&A Needed for University Senate Committees

An announcement was sent on December 19 concerning applying for service on one of the University Senate committees.  P&A from the system campuses are especially urged to serve.  Information and the brief interest form is available here.  The deadline to apply is January 15, 2014.


Meet a P&A Employee
Parry Telander, University of Minnesota Rochester

Parry Telander is a student success coach with the University of Minnesota Rochester.  To learn more about Parry, see P&A Employee Spotlight.

Nominate a Colleague to be profiled in this Newsletter

One of the ways we can best support the U, and especially the P&A class, is to "tell the story" of the many ways P&A staff support the mission of the University, and contribute to the vitality of the state. To counteract negative messages like last December's WSJ article, we need to be able to tell friends, neighbors, and politicians about the vital work we do.  One way to do this is to profile and celebrate individuals typical of our class.  Each month we aim to profile both an -P and -A staff member in this newsletter.  To do so, we need your help.  Click here and tell us about someone you think we should feature.  If this link does not work for you, please contact Scott Marsalis, marsa001@umn.edu or Michelle Hargrave, mhargrav@d.umn.edu.

What is the P&A Senate?

The P&A Senate represents Academic Professionals and Administrators (P&A) at the University of Minnesota. Our mission is to advocate for the highest quality of work life for P&A employees in order to advance the University of Minnesota's mission of teaching, research, and service.  Currently the P&A Senate works primarily in four areas: benefits and compensation , communications, outreach, and professional development and recognition.  To learn more, talk with your senator, and visit our website.

This e-mail was sent by the P&A Senate to all current Academic Professionals and Administrators (P&A) as listed by Human Resources data.