Approved by the:	Student Senate April 22, 1999


Whereas, serious allegations of academic fraud have been made against the University of Minnesota's Men's Basketball Program, and

Whereas, these allegations undermine the credibility and prestige of the entire University community, and

Whereas, University President Mark Yudof and his administration acted promptly and decisively in response to these allegations, and

Whereas, the enforcement of an academic dishonesty policy is but one step towards the elimination of academic fraud within a university environment, and

Whereas, students must take it upon themselves to prevent academic fraud and uphold the integrity of a University of Minnesota education,

Therefore, be it resolved, the University of Minnesota Student Senate commends President Yudof and his administration for their response to the allegations of academic fraud, and

Be it further resolved, the University of Minnesota's Student Senate supports the University's academic dishonesty policy and respects the University's decisions pertaining to the enforcement of these policies, and

Be it further resolved, the University of Minnesota Student Senate awaits the results of the independent investigation of academic fraud within the Men's Basketball program, and will take the action necessary to improve the present system of preventing academic fraud within the University community.


Ryan Falk
Chair, Student Senate
Consultative Committee

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