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Student Senate December 4, 2014
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Letter to the Boynton Alcohol Policy and Abuse Prevention Committee

December 4, 2014

To the Alcohol Policy and Abuse Prevention Committee:

We have reviewed the information and materials provided by Professor Nelson and the Alcohol Policy and Abuse Prevention Committee and have engaged in spirited discussion with other student leaders and the student body at large regarding the Committee's alcohol tax and restricted bar specials proposal. After much consideration, we are decided against it.

Not only do we believe an alcohol tax would negatively affect students above the age of 21 who drink responsibly, but also we are not persuaded that an alcohol tax and restrictions on bar specials would sufficiently deter high-risk alcohol consumption. Although we are not health experts, we do believe the constituent students we represent would be wholeheartedly against this proposal.

Thus, after balancing the possible benefits and consequences of an alcohol tax, as well as the principles implicated by such a tax, we cannot support and do so actively oppose the proposal. We will take all necessary steps to oppose this proposal, absent any substantial changes in circumstances. We recommend that the Committee focus its efforts on other methods to curb high-risk drinking.

Very Sincerely,

The Student Senate
University of Minnesota System

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