Approved by the: Student Senate - December 1, 2011
Administration - no action required*
Board of Regents - no action required
* The safety of the University Community is of utmost importance. The University administration recognizes that during this year, safety has been challenged by the construction throughout campus and the need for pedestrians, bicyclists, cars, trucks, and buses to adjust to new routes. The Twin Cities Campus Master Plan prioritizes transportation modes in the following manner: pedestrians, bicycles, buses, and finally automobile traffic. It is with this priority order in mind that the University made several changes to enhance safety in preparation for the 2011-2012 academic year: 1) striped new bike lanes on Pleasant Street, Harvard Street, and the approaches to the east side of the Washington Avenue Bridge; 2) created bike boxes at intersections on Pleasant Street; 3) marked the southernmost sidewalk across Northrop Mall for bike traffic; 4) developed the Oak Street Bike Center; 5) worked with the City of Minneapolis on bike and traffic safety enhancements near campus; 6) initiated the Safety is Easy - The Pavement is Hard public awareness and education campaign; 7) created new bike route maps for on-line and published in the Minnesota Daily; and 8) stepped up enforcement of pedestrian, bike, and automobile traffic violations.

The University administration recognizes that we have the opportunity over the winter to fine tune and improve our efforts at enhancing pedestrian and bicycle safety. Staff have identified areas where we will enhance bicycle route signage and striping - both permanent and construction route detours - in order to ensure bicycle routes are clearly identified. Signs also will be placed in the larger bike parking areas alerting cyclists that all campus sidewalks are dismount zones unless otherwise marked. University of Minnesota Police will continue enforcement efforts (not only bicycle enforcement, but also jaywalking, and vehicular safety), but also will task their bike monitors with distributing rewards to cyclists who practice safe biking habits. In order to be successful, the University needs the help and assistance of its student leaders. To change the culture, student leaders must play a key role in setting the example for the community and encouraging their friends and classmates engage in safe behaviors. We look forward to working with the Student Senate on this extremely important issue and welcome other specific suggestions for how we can continue to enhance safety on campus.

Resolution on Bicyclist and Pedestrian Concerns

Whereas, construction on and around campus has made getting to and from class more difficult for many students; and

Whereas, the University should encourage bicycling as a healthy and environmentally-friendly transportation option; and

Whereas, a lack of bicycle routes for students has resulted in some bicyclists riding through University-designated dismount zones creating safety hazards for riders and pedestrians; and

Whereas, current University police enforcement in dismount zones is insufficient to fully curb cycling violations in these zones;

Therefore be it resolved the University of Minnesota Student Senate respectfully asks the University administration to take action to increase the viability of bicycling on campus whether by opening new bicycling routes, streamlining current routes, or by other means;

Be it further resolved that the administration be asked to increase enforcement of bicycle dismount zones to prevent accident or injury.

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