Approved by the: Student Senate October 4, 2007
Administration - October 31, 2007*
Board of Regents - no action required

* The safety of the University of Minnesota's students, faculty, staff, and visitors has always been, and will remain, a top priority. The University supports the construction of an underground tunnel in the design of a central corridor light rail line on Washington Avenue, and the resolution aligns well with the University's central corridor design principle that states, "Safety is fundamental to the successful operations of the Central Corridor."

Resolution on a Central Corridor Tunnel

WHEREAS, the Central Corridor Light Rail Line will be going through the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus on Washington Avenue; and

WHEREAS, a considerable percentage of the ridership on the Central Corridor Line will be University of Minnesota students, employees, and visitors; and

WHEREAS, according to the Federal Railroad Administration, "deaths in grade crossing accidents are the second-leading category of deaths associated with railroading"[1] and "elimination of at-grade crossings...offers the greatest long-term promise for optimizing the safety and efficiency of the two modes of transportation"[2] (trains and motor vehicles); and

WHEREAS, the benefits of a tunnel appreciably outweigh the added upfront material costs; and

WHEREAS, a tunnel under Washington Avenue for the Central Corridor cannot be added once the line is completed without significant cost and construction; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly supports the plan for the Central Corridor Light Rail Line to go through campus via an underground tunnel on Washington Avenue.


[1] U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Railroad Administration, Federal Railroad Administration Action Plan for Addressing Critical Railroad Safety Issues, 16 May 2005, p. 9, <> (10 September 2007).
[2] U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Railroad Administration. Federal Railroad Safety Accountability and Improvement Act (proposed), p. 10, <> (10 September 2007).

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