Approved by the:	Faculty Senate December 12, 1996


The Faculty Senate objects to the position taken by the Administration and Regents that department heads and chairs are not part of the faculty for purposes of voting in the current collective bargaining elections. This objection does not depart from the Faculty Senate's neutrality on the topic of collective bargaining.

We believe that the position taken by the administration and Regents ignores the realities of faculty life, sets one group of faculty against another, discourages faculty from making the personal sacrifice of taking on onerous administrative duties for the good of the community, and violates the intent of the University Senate Constitution.

We point out that regular faculty of the University who currently hold positions as department heads or chairs, or similar administrative positions in units corresponding to departments:

The Faculty Senate therefore urges the Administration and Regents to bring their position into conformity with the University Senate Constitution, Article III.4, sections a and c, by informing the Bureau of Mediation Services that they view all faculty members, except those with class titles 9302-9329, as eligible to vote in the current collective bargaining elections.

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