Approved by the: Student Senate - March 2, 2006
Administration - no action required
Board of Regents - no action required

Position Statement on Civic Engagement

The Student Senate recognizes that the University of Minnesota is a public land grant institution[1] and is inherently connected to the well-being of the community and state.

The Student Senate believes the mission statement[2] of the University of Minnesota makes clear that the institution is to provide its knowledge and expertise to help solve problems in the greater community through public service and outreach.

The Student Senate also believes that students should have a commitment to carrying out the mission statement of the University of Minnesota.

Further, the Student Senate believes that civic engagement includes both service to their communities and active participation, dissent, and debate.

The Student Senate furthermore believes that students who are civically engaged in their communities become better citizens.

Therefore, the Student Senate strongly supports any existing or new initiatives dedicated to expanding civic engagement on University of Minnesota campuses around the state. The focus of these initiatives should be on the University of Minnesota system, and as well the greater local, state, national, and global communities.

The Student Senate also supports any initiatives stemming from Strategic Positioning designed to institutionalize opportunities for civic engagement into the University of Minnesota. The Student Senate asks that students have a strong voice in any proposed plans to institutionalize opportunities for civic engagement.

[1] The University of Minnesota – Duluth is also a public sea-grant institution.
[2] The link to the mission statement of the University of Minnesota is:

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