Approved by the: Student Senate - December 1, 2005
Administration - no action required*
Board of Regents - no action required
* The administration strongly supports the principle of employee retention throughout the strategic positioning process. Accordingly, the Office of Human Resources (OHR) has identified three goals: 1) maximize career opportunities for and development of all faculty and staff; 2) minimize involuntary staff reductions in affected colleges; and 3) promote ability and agility of staff in line with newly focused academic directions and administrative structures. OHR has been very proactive in designing creative and supportive programs and services to maximize employee retention and to assist both managers and employees during this time of change, including the University Talent Connection that is mentioned in the resolutions (please see for more specific program information). The additional retention measures described in the Senate resolutions are thoughtful and I appreciate the time and attention devoted to drafting and advocating for them. Consequently, I am sharing them with Vice President Carrier and her leadership team for consideration.

Resolution on Employee Retention During Strategic Positioning

The Student Senate recognizes the current strategic positioning efforts may result in the jobs of some University of Minnesota employees becoming redundant or eliminated.

The Student Senate also recognizes that some employees, in anticipation of this, are already seeking other employment opportunities, while others hope to retain their current positions as long as possible.

The Student Senate believes many of these employees would stay at the University of Minnesota if assured of the opportunity as soon as possible, and the Student Senate believes it would benefit the University of Minnesota in many ways if these employees remain.

The Student Senate also believes that current severance policies can cost the University of Minnesota money, and create incentives for professional and administrative (P and A) employees (especially longer term employees) to leave if non-renewed, or if they fear the threat of non-renewal.

Finally, the Student Senate recognizes that the University of Minnesota is interested in doing all it can to provide an opportunity for all employees who may lose their current job, to find another suitable one here at the University. Such measures include the New Talent Connection.

In view of the above, the Student Senate recommends the University empower the Office of Human Resources to be proactive in implementing and monitoring extraordinary measures to ensure employees remain at the University. Such measures could include:
The Student Senate believes these measures will help insure stability at the University during this time of change. This resolution is consistent with policy at other Universities that are members of the Committee on Institutional Cooperation.

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