Approved by the: Student Senate December 2, 2004
Administration - no action required *
Board of Regents - no action required

*The President supports the release of questions that address the learning situation of the course and how it is structured. He also supports increasing the accessibility of course evaluative data. Therefore, the President encourages the Student Senate Consultative Committee to work with the Senate committee on Educational Policy (SCEP) to address these issues through policy, as SCEP works to condense into one the three existing policies on the evaluation of instruction, as well as consider incorporating changes recommended by the ad hoc subcommittee of SCEP and the Senate Committee on Faculty Affairs.

Resolution to Encourage Faculty to Release Student Release Sections of Student Evaluations

WHEREAS Students fill out an evaluation of teaching at the conclusion of each class; and

WHEREAS The evaluation of teaching includes a student release section with questions focused on the instructor's style and curriculum content; and

WHEREAS Knowing this information will improve sustained enrollment and serve to drastically reduce schedule changes once classes have started; and

WHEREAS Informed understanding of course selection leads to increased course satisfaction; and

WHEREAS The percentage of student release sections released reached an all time high in Spring of 2004 of 22.9%; and

WHEREAS That percentage is unsatisfactory; be it

RESOLVED That the Student Senate strongly encourages the faculty of the University of Minnesota to release student release sections.

RESOLVED That deans, department heads, and department chairs should make the release of student release questions by their faculty a priority.

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