Approved by the:	Faculty Senate December 12, 1996


WHEREAS the Board of Regents have placed on their docket for December 13 adoption of a document entitled "Faculty Tenure: Specified Units" (previously called Sullivan II) as the applicable tenure policy for the Law School, Academic Health Center, and Morris Campus; and

WHEREAS the Bureau of Mediation Services has renewed a Status Quo Order for the Academic Health Center; and

WHEREAS the Tenure Subcommittee, Judicial Committee, and Faculty Affairs Committee have begun a substantial effort to review "Faculty Tenure: Specified Units" and have identified a number of issues for resolution and possible amendment of the "Faculty Tenure: Specified Units" language, as contained in the appended report;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate requests the Board of Regents to defer consideration of adoption of "Faculty Tenure: Specified Units" for the Morris campus at least until its meeting in February, to give the Faculty Senate time on an expedited schedule to consider the "Faculty Tenure: Specified Units" proposal and report to the Regents its advice and recommendation on its provisions.

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