Approved by the: Student Senate April 2, 2009
Administration - no action required*
Board of Regents - no action required
* Passage of this legislation was unsuccessful at the legislature.


Whereas, The student services fees process is run by University of Minnesota students on a fees committee, which makes recommendations. There are many opportunities for students and student groups to appeal and/or participate throughout this process.

Whereas, The All-Campus Election Commission is itself an underfunded organization, and would not receive additional funding to educate students about where the fees are going and why they are recommending an increase.

Whereas, Student Groups requesting student service fee appropriations would be delayed in their budgeting process due to the timing of All-Campus Elections (early April) in comparison to the deadlines of our current student services fees process.

Resolved That the Student Senate actively supports the legislatives advocates actions to actively lobby against the passage of Senate Bill #1055, House File #1252 and work to educate legislators on our current fees process at the University of Minnesota.

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