Approved by the: University Senate - March 3, 2011
Administration February 16, 2012*
Board of Regents - no action required
* After careful consideration of the senate resolution, I am pleased to approve this request and have asked Vice President for Human Resources Kathryn Brown to move forward on policy amendments for implementation effective July 1, 2012.

Resolution on the Personal Floating Holiday

The University Senate recommends to the President that the University revise its policy regarding the Twin Cities and Rochester campus’ academic employees’ personal holiday so that the personal holiday may be used at any time during the year.


The Senate Social Concerns Committee believes that the policy regarding personal holidays is unnecessarily restrictive. The current policy allows all academic employees on the Twin Cities and Rochester campuses to take a personal holiday only during a finite period over winter break. The policy is at: and states:

A personal holiday has been added for academic employees on the Twin Cities and Rochester campuses to bring their total up to 11 holidays, consistent with other employee groups and other campuses. The personal holiday for academic staff (on the TC and Rochester campuses only) for FY 2010 must be taken between December 24, 2009 and January 18, 2010. If not used in that time period, it is lost. This holiday cannot be banked or utilized outside of this window. The specific dates of this window will change in future years consistent with the academic calendar. Approval and tracking of this holiday is the responsibility of the local unit.

This personal holiday applies to those whose terms and conditions of employment are covered by academic, graduate assistant, or professionals-in-training policies.

The term academic employee applies to both nine and twelve-month faculty and professional and administrative employees. If the employee is eligible for other paid holidays, such as Thanksgiving, they would also be eligible for the floating personal holiday.

Allowing academic employees to utilize the personal holiday at any time during the year would bring academic employees personal holiday use into line with Twin Cities and Rochester civil service and bargaining unit employees who may already use the personal holiday at anytime during the year. It would also provide them with time off work to observe religious holidays that fall outside of the finite period over winter break.

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