Approved by the: University Senate - September 28, 2006
Administration - November 29, 2006*
Board of Regents - no action required

* Based on these recommendations, and input from other University committees and groups, Murray Harber, director of the University Wellness Program, is now a member of the 2008 Food & Beverage Executive Steering Committee. In addition, a Wellness and Nutrition Work Group has been formed to provide advice regarding the Food & Beverage RFP, and includes the following members: Murray Harber, chair; Professor Marla Reicks, Department of Food Science & Nutrition; Karen Wolterstorff, Benefits Advisory Committee; Professor Leslie Lytle, Division of Epidemiology and Community Health; Lindsey Batts, student; and Jennifer Krzmarzick, Physician, Boynton Health Service.

Thank you for your thoughtful recommendations regarding wellness and nutrition as part of the Food & Beverage RFP process. I believe these actions will strengthen the University’s position and ensure a more appropriate response from food and beverage vendors.

Statement on the Food and Beverage RFP

The Senate Committee on Finance and Planning has been updated on the process for developing the Request for Proposals for the University's food and beverage contract beginning in July, 2008. We appreciate the effort University Services is putting into improving food service, developing a more effective contract and communicating the process.

Based on what we have learned, the Committee recommends that the University place attention in the RFP and contract process on the desire of many in the University community for healthier foods. We note that this concern may be implied within the goals to improve performance and operational efficiencies, and while we noted that University wellness/nutrition representatives are identified as stakeholders, we recommend more explicit acknowledgment of this concern in the process. The Committee makes the following two recommendations for this process.

1. The Executive Steering Committee should include as a member an individual University faculty expert on healthy foods and nutrition.

2. The Advisory Committee should consult specifically with departments and faculty in the University who are experts on nutrition and health, such as Food Science and Nutrition and appropriate departments in the Academic Health Center on the healthy foods goals for the RFP and the selected contractor.

Adopted unanimously 9/22/06

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