Approved by the: University Senate - May 3, 2007
Administration - See comment*
Board of Regents - no action required

*The University strives for flexible, speedy, and efficient procedures to bring international faculty, staff, and students to campus, and continues to assist colleges and departments that find themselves working to resolve challenging immigration situations. While the University has not adopted a formal position regarding the Military Commissions Act, members of the University community are encouraged as citizens to contact the appropriate officials to seek relevant legislative changes in this area.

Statement on the Rights of Foreign-born Residents of the United States

The Social Concerns Committee strongly encourages the University Senate to endorse the following statement:

The University Senate requests that the University of Minnesota join with other universities and human rights organizations to respond to the concerns of foreign-born students, faculty, and visiting scholars, regarding the Military Commissions Act.

Congress is now considering legislation to revise the Military Commissions Act and to restore the due process right of habeas corpus to detainees being held by the United States, and to make it clear that the federal government must comply with the Geneva Conventions. Without these reforms any foreign-born resident at the University, or in the United States is at risk of violation of his or her personal rights, with no recourse.

The University Senate asks that the President direct the University's legislative representative in Washington, D.C. to help support these important legislative initiatives. Further, we ask that the University of Minnesota work with other universities and human rights organizations across the nation to support needed legislative reforms to protect the rights of all residents of the United States.

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