Approved by the: Student Senate December 6, 2001
Administration - see note*
Board of Regents - no action required

*The administration has reviewed this resolution and appreciates the sense of the Student Senate on this issue. The University of Minnesota has an articulated goal to increase retention and graduation rates of its undergraduate students. The administration continues to explore policy and practice options that would lead to meeting that goal. Consultation on these matters is taking place with faculty and students on a regular basis. As these issues continue to be discussed and changes to or development of procedures and policies result, the administration, through the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, will continue to consult and seek the views of students and input from student governance.

Resolution on Undergraduate Full Time Policy from the Twin Cities and Duluth senators

Whereas, The primary mission of the University of Minnesota is education; and

Whereas, The implementation of a Full Time Policy would greatly impact student academic culture; and

Whereas, The said proposal arose from an individual rather than a committee strong in student representation; and

Whereas, The “Report of the Graduation and Retention Subcommittee of the Council of Undergraduate Deans” on August 13, 2001 has outlined several innovative initiatives, as well laid bare educational shortfalls to be addressed; therefore be it

RESOLVED That the proposed initiatives, including but not limited to optional full year registration, an interactive graduation planning system, and greater use of E-mail communication, be discussed and implemented with significant student input and representation; and be it further

RESOLVED That areas of concern as outlined by the report, including but not limited to student-advisor communication, advising resources, and size and quality of undergraduate experience, be discussed and implemented with significant student input and representation; and be it further

RESOLVED That serious discussion and research take place prior to the implementation of any full time policy; and be it further

RESOLVED That each individual campus has the option to set its own credit limit for full time students; and be it further

RESOLVED That discussion of a full time policy involve great student input and representation.

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