Approved by the: Student Senate - December 5, 2013
Administration - no action required*
Board of Regents - no action required

* University of Minnesota System Housing and Residential Life policies are implemented on an individual campus basis. Pilot programs for gender neutral housing are being developed on some University campuses, which will assist in determining next steps for the implementation of programmatic options. The administration will share the Student Senate’s resolution with all system campuses.

Resolution on Providing Gender-neutral Housing at Each Campus

WHEREAS, The University of Minnesota's Office for Equity and Diversity has a commitment to social justice that drives the desire to create an environment in which all students are given equal opportunities to succeed, and

WHEREAS, The University of Minnesota earned the top rating from Campus Pride for being an LGBT-friendly university, and

WHEREAS, The College Equality Index lists 39 colleges as providing gender-neutral housing, and

WHEREAS, Trans-identifying individuals are not necessarily able to feel comfortable within the current on-campus housing arrangements that limit their housing options, and

WHEREAS, The current system of on-campus housing arrangements are based upon an outdated, gendered system that often puts these individuals in uncomfortable living situations, and

WHEREAS, A roommate can be essential to first-year experience, and

WHEREAS, Promoting students to live in on-campus housing beyond a student's first year of attendance has become a goal of the University of Minnesota system, and

RESOLVED, That the University of Minnesota Student Senate urges that all the University's campuses provide this accommodation in its residence halls by the 2016-2017 academic calendar, making any necessary preparations in the interim; and, be it further

RESOLVED, That all campuses provide and advertise this accommodation to incoming first-year students; and, be it further

RESOLVED, That the accommodation be available on all campus and be implemented by allowing two or more people to live together regardless of gender, rather than allowing a set number of men and/or women to live in one unit.

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