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Administrative Response:
Student Senate April 30, 2015

The University administration appreciates the Student Senate highlighting the geographic gap of no test site being available for students to take paper GRE subject tests in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. Until approximately seven years ago, the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities operated a comprehensive testing center, which provided opportunities for taking the GRE subject tests. However, the test center was closed due to increased competition from private testing centers which made maintaining the University's Testing Center financially unsustainable. The University administration, in accordance with this resolution, will work with the Education Testing Services to better understand the demand for GRE subject test sites and why this gap has not been filled by other testing sites in the Twin Cities area, and to assess how best the University can meet the needs of our students.

Resolution in Support of Creating a GRE Subject Test Testing Facility

The Student Senate requests that administration work together with Education Testing Services (ETS) to bring paper GRE Subject Test testing sites to each campus for the September, October, and April testing dates.


GRE Subject Tests are an important facet of the graduate application for students in many disciplines including Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Literature in English, Mathematics, Physics, and Psychology. Currently, University of Minnesota Twin Cities students have to travel to Mankato or St. Cloud to take a GRE subject test in the spring (April), and to Northfield in the fall (September, October). According to ETS, the Northfield location will be closing next year, and the closest location to students for all test dates will be in St. Cloud.

This will disproportionately harm low-income students and out of state students as those are the two groups least likely to have access to a car. As such, the University should work to establish a testing site on or near each campus to help all students with their educational goals. This is especially important as 30% of respondents to the Student Experience in the Research University (SERU) survey indicated that they plan to attend graduate school. Additionally, Wisconsin has a testing center in Madison, and all other Big Ten schools have GRE Subject test facilities nearby that offer tests three times a year.

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