Approved by the: University Senate - April 14, 2011
Administration - no action required*
Board of Regents - no action required
* I appreciate and share the concerns of the SCFA with respect to the importance of maintaining access to the HealthPartners Clinics for our faculty and staff. Both HealthPartners and Medica received copies of your memo, and understand the importance of affordable access to HealthPartners clinics for University participants. I am pleased to report that negotiations have been successful and HealthPartners will continue to be available to University faculty and staff. If you have specific questions, the Office of Human Resources Benefits can provide further detail.


The Senate Committee on Faculty Affairs (SCFA), a standing committee of the University of Minnesota Faculty Senate, urges: That HealthPartners negotiate in good faith to make its clinics available through Medica at the best possible price, keeping in mind the long term devotion of many University members to their HealthPartners clinics; that Medica negotiate in good faith to achieve the best possible outcome for the University and its employees; and that Employee Benefits closely monitor these negotiations, giving particular consideration to the effect the outcome will have on current HealthPartners members, while exercising all necessary due diligence in looking out for the University's economic best interests.


Given the current University budget situation, SCFA reluctantly recognizes the necessity of finding all reasonable cost savings in the UPlan. SCFA appreciates the value of savings available by going from two administrators to one for the UPlan Medical Program and also recognizes that moving to Medica as the UPlan's sole administrator for 2012 and beyond does not necessarily imply a loss of access to HealthPartners clinics.

At the same time, SCFA is deeply concerned for the third of University faculty and staff who currently obtain their health care through the HealthPartners Classic plan offering.

SCFA therefore expresses its strong desire that the expressed goal of retaining continued access to HealthPartners clinics, through Medica as the UPlan administrator, be achieved at the most affordable cost possible.

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