Approved by the: University Senate - April 6, 2006
Administration - August 21, 2006
Board of Regents - PENDING

Statement on the Regents Policy on Investments Social Concerns

Part A:

The Social Concerns Committee requests that the Board of Regents replace their policy outlining the investment responsibilities of the Social Concerns Committee in favor of one delegating these responsibilities to the President of the University.

Part B:

The University Senate requests that the President prepare an administrative policy documenting how the social impacts of the University’s investment responsibilities will be addressed. It is expected that the Social Concerns Committee will be consulted in the preparation of this document.


To our knowledge, the Social Concerns Committee is the only Senate committee that has a Board of Regents policy governing aspects of its charge. The Board of Regents Office has been working to streamline its policies by delegating administrative functions to the President who, in turn, delegates them to appropriate administrators working with Senate committees. Board policies provide the overall framework and direction for the administration of the University. For this reason, the Social Concerns Committee believes that the University investment policy should be consistent with other Regents policies delegating responsibility from the Regents to the President. The Social Concerns Committee responsibilities in the area of investments should be part of an administrative policy dealing with investments.

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