Approved by the: Faculty Senate - October 6, 2011
Administration - no action required
Board of Regents - no action required

Statement on Professor Judith Martin

Senate Committee on Finance and Planning



The Senate Committee on Finance and Planning notes with great sadness the untimely death of one of its valued members and former chair, Professor Judith Martin.  Professor Martin was deeply and actively dedicated to the welfare of the University and demonstrated that commitment in her service to us over many years and in many ways.  She provided valuable insights to the Committee and brought a wealth of knowledge, experience, and wisdom that are irreplaceable.  She also brought warmth, a lively wit, and charm to the Committee.  She will be greatly missed.


Adopted unanimously October 4, 2011



Statement on Professor Judith Martin

Faculty Consultative Committee



We join our colleagues on the Committee on Finance and Planning in expressing our deep sadness at the death of Professor Judith Martin.  As former member and chair of the Faculty Consultative Committee, and in her many other roles in and outside of governance, she contributed enormously to the well-being of faculty, staff, and students at the University.  We and the University have suffered a great loss and we mourn her passing.


Adopted unanimously October 5, 2011





The Faculty Consultative Committee will ask unanimous consent, under New Business, to include these two statements in the minutes of the October 6 Faculty Senate meeting.