Approved by the: Student Senate - March 6, 2014
Administration - no action required
Board of Regents - no action required

Resolution on Campus Open Spaces

Whereas, The Strategic Objectives for the Office of Student Affairs for the Twin Cities campus clearly states that it promotes "a University Community/Culture Focus on Student Health, Wellness, and Success"; and

Whereas, The University of Minnesota lacks quiet open spaces on all banks and campuses for the use of contemplation, meditation, and reflection for students, staff, and faculty; and

Whereas, The University has set precedent for these spaces and has supported designated facilities for various population necessities, including Social Concerns Committee's Resolution to Implement Lactation Support Action; and

Whereas, University of Minnesota's students, staff, faculty, and administrators do not currently have designated spaces on any campus for proper retreat, reflection, peace, and/or meditation; and

Whereas, This is inhibiting students, staff, faculty, and administrators who need a clean and peaceful place to carry out their prayers, or other religious needs; and

Whereas, This is also problematic for students, staff, faculty, and administrators whose emotional needs require personal retreat during busy and active college days; and

Whereas, A properly designed relaxation and retreat space on campus has been shown to be popular and well-received with other student bodies, such as those at Edinburgh University; therefore be it that

Resolved, The Student Senate urges no-cost, clean, and safe spaces on each system campus and East Bank, West Bank, and St. Paul for the Twin Cities campus be designed to encourage peaceful student, staff, faculty, and administrator reflection, meditation, and relaxation; and be it further that

Resolved, The space will be open at all regular University operating hours for students to utilize for their personal wellness.

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