Approved by the: University Senate - February 18, 1999


WHEREAS the University of Minnesota is committed to making its campus accessible and user friendly to people with disabilities, and

WHEREAS suitable parking and transportation are important to facilitate interaction between the University and people with disabilities including students, faculty/staff, and visitors, and

WHEREAS parking on the Twin Cities campus has significantly worsened since the closure of the River Road Ramp, and

WHEREAS widespread and ongoing construction has limited mobility on campus, and

WHEREAS use of Paratransit Service by people with disabilities is growing as more and more people learn about this service, and

WHEREAS Paratransit Services users require service spanning the entire calendar year, and

WHEREAS no funds exist for Paratransit Service after the current academic year,

THEREFORE, be it resolved that:

The Senate recommends that the University of Minnesota allocate a minimum of $75,000 in recurring funds to fund this service for the full calendar year. This amount should be adjusted annually to reflect inflationary changes, to reflect any growth in Paratransit Service user needs and to reflect possible expansion of this service to other University of Minnesota campuses.

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