Approved by the: Student Senate December 6, 2001
Administration - see note*
Board of Regents - no action required

*The administration has reviewed this resolution and appreciates the sense of the Student Senate on this issue. As these issues continue to be discussed and changes to or development of procedures and policies result, the administration, through the Office of the Vice President for Campus Life, will continue to consult and seek the views of students and input from student governance.

Resolution on Parental Notification Policy

Whereas, The Short-Term Task Force on Alcohol Policies’ report on March 29, 2001, “found that Twin Cities policies were complete, appropriate, and comparable to policies at other institutions. The Task Force also found that the institution provided excellent education regarding alcohol use at new student and parent orientation, at residence hall orientation, in brochures, letters and e-mails to students and parents, and in training of community advisors and security monitors;” and

Whereas, Parental notification is contrary to student development theory; and

Whereas, Students 18 years of age and over should be treated as independent adults; and

Whereas, Reporting would treat a subset of students differently: students in residence halls would be disproportionately subject to reporting; and

Whereas, In the case of partial parental notification, reporting may depend on whether the student is a financial dependant; and

Whereas, Parental involvement in some circumstances may not help a student; and

Whereas, Parental notification may change the relationship between student and University staff; therefore be it

RESOLVED That the University of Minnesota Student Senate does not support the strict enforcement of any current parental notification policy, except in the case of extreme emergency; and be it further

RESOLVED That the University of Minnesota Student Senate does not support the implementation of more stringent parental notification policies; and be it further

RESOLVED That discussion of said policies should include significant student input and representation.

*Adapted from an August 30, 2001 memorandum to the Faculty, Staff, and Student Affairs Committee of the Board of Regents, “Report on Student Alcohol Issues.”

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