Approved by the: University Senate - October 30, 2003
Administration - See comment*
Board of Regents - no action required
*I fully support the principles of conservation and efficiency, which is why I charged a Sustainability and Energy Conservation Policy Work Group in October, 2003. I asked the working group to develop an institutional policy framework that will translate into long-term, systematic strategies for integrating sustainable practices and energy conservation across research, teaching, operations, and outreach at the University of Minnesota. Since the recycling and printer resolutions naturally complement and support this effort, I am referring the resolutions to its co-chairs, Vice President Kathleen O'Brien and Executive Associate Vice President Al Sullivan, to consider as they shape University policy in this area.

Printer Resolution

Whereas, paper conservation saves the University of Minnesota money and

Whereas, paper conservation lessens our demand on resources.

Therefore, the University Senate recommends that every department, computer lab and library on its campuses purchase at least one duplex printer to be phased in as current printers are replaced. This policy makes paper conservation a more accessible option for students and faculty.

Approved by the Social Concerns Committee, May 5, 2003

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