Approved by the: University Senate - February 24, 2000
Administration - May 24, 2000*
Board of Regents - no action required

Resolution on the Responsible and Ethical Conduct of Research and Scholarship

WHEREAS the responsible and ethical conduct of research and scholarship is of prime importance in a research university such as the University of Minnesota, and to society at large; and

WHEREAS issues of ethics and responsible conduct are often complex and subtle, so as to require the sorts of explicit consideration and discussion that constitute formal training; and

WHEREAS some issues of ethics and responsible conduct are discipline-specific, while others have broad implications across all scholarly areas and can serve as a focus for all-University discussion and communication between disciplines;

THEREFORE be it resolved that:

The faculty, students, and staff of the University of Minnesota support a University-wide program of education and training in the responsible and ethical conduct of research and scholarship, with the following roles for members of the University community:

The Graduate School and Office of the Vice President for Research should continue with its efforts to establish a program to address current and continuing needs for education in the responsible conduct of research and scholarship.

Each graduate program should provide an ongoing educational program which should include - as appropriate to the discipline - such topics as research using human subjects, research using animals, authorship, plagiarism, confidentiality of privileged communications in peer review, data management, funding and fiscal responsibility, social responsibility and whistle-blowing, environmental health and safety, intellectual property, and conflict of interest; and should certify student participation in the educational program.

Department chairs/heads and deans should encourage, support, and attest to appropriate education in proper conduct of research by departmental personnel.

Individual faculty - as principal investigators, research directors, and mentors - should encourage their students and other research personnel to participate in such educational programs.

Students and other researchers should carry out their research in a responsible manner, and should participate in educational programs on responsible conduct of research provided by their program and/or department.

(* Central administration strongly supports this resolution; referred to VP Maziar to act on recommendations in the resolution.)

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