Approved by the: Student Senate - April 7, 2005
Administration - *See comment
Board of Regents - no action required
* I agree that students should be included at the table when critical University issues are being discussed they are and they will continue to be. Currently, students are represented on the Board of Regents and the University Senate, University leaders and I meet frequently with student governing groups and other student representatives, and we are appointing students to the strategic positioning task forces. I have also discussed the need for continued student involvement with Jerry Rinehart, vice provost for student affairs, who continues to work with students on this issue.

Resolution on Shared Governance

Whereas, Students are invaluable stakeholders in the University community; and

Whereas Student involvement in policy discussions protects students' interests while increasing the quality of the finished policy; and

Whereas Students have made valuable contributions when invited to participate in policy discussions, as has been the case on the Morris Campus; and

Whereas Students have been left out of several key policy discussions, including the strategic planning work groups; and

Whereas Despite the best interests of the University of Minnesota administration, students will continue to be omitted from policy discussions unless action is taken by the University of Minnesota Board of Regents; and

Whereas The University of Wisconsin has been required to involve students in pertinent policy discussions by Wisconsin Statute 36.09(5), which states: "The students...shall be active participants in the immediate governance of and policy development for [the University of Wisconsin]. As such students shall have primary responsibility for the formulation and review of policies concerning students life, services and interests."; and

Whereas Both students and administrators at the University of Wisconsin support the provisions of Wisconsin Statute 36.09(5) on the grounds that it leads to better policy; and

Whereas The University of Minnesota would stand to benefit from a similar requirement; therefore be it

Resolved That the Student Senate recommends to the President of the University of Minnesota and the University of Minnesota Board of Regents that the University of Minnesota Board of Regents adopts a Regents Policy codifying the spirit of Wisconsin Statute 36.09(5).

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