Approved by the:	Student Senate February 24, 2000*


Whereas, the Student Legislative Coalition is the officially recognized lobbying group for students at the University of Minnesota; and

Whereas, the efforts of the Student Legislative Coalition enhance the lives of the students at all campuses of the University as well the broader University community; and

Whereas, the Student Legislative Coalition works closely with Institutional Relations, Government Relations, and the Office for Student Development, all of which are housed in Morrill Hall; and

Whereas, the current staff of the Student Legislative Coalition includes an Executive Director, two Student Lobbyists, a Media Relations person, as well as numerous student workers and interns; and

Whereas, the current housing for the Student Legislative Coalition amounts to one office and a hallway located in Northrop Auditorium;

Therefore, be it resolved, that the Student Senate Consultative Committee recommends that the Student Legislative Coalition be moved to Morrill Hall to be in closer contact with the above mentioned departments

Be it further resolved, that adequate space in Morrill Hall be found to include one office for the Executive Director and two offices for the Lobbyists, Media Relations person, student workers, and interns, as well as space for a copy machine and six file cabinets.

(* Central administration supports the need for this important student organization to have appropriate office space; referred to IR and OSD to work with the coalition to secure such space.)

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