Approved by the: University Senate - March 31, 2011
Administration - no action required*
Board of Regents - no action required

* The administration is implementing the space management program and appreciates the support of the University Senate and the Finance and Planning Committee.

Statement on the Space Management

The University Senate:

  1. Endorses the principles that space should be:
  2. Supports a more disciplined and purposeful decision-making process regarding the University’s space inventory by:
    1. Establishing a “No Net New Space without Net New Resources” planning goal.
    2. Prioritizing the renewal of existing buildings over new construction
    1. Conducting comprehensive cost analyses (capital, operations, program) on all new facility projects.
    1. Funding new building operating costs, including Repair and Replacement funds.
  3. Encourages the inclusion of additional incentives to reduce space-use in the budget process.
  4. Supports the updating and adjustment of the Minnesota Facility Model (MFM) space standards to reflect changes in technology, space sharing, and other best practices applicable in the current academic environment.
  5. Urges the communication of best practices and training of units (departments and RRCs) on space management methods and space charging practices.

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