Approved by the:	Student Senate April 17, 1997


WHEREAS, the University of Minnesota Student Senate, representing students across all four campuses, welcomes Mark Yudof to the University. We offer our congratulations to President-Designate Yudof for his well deserved selection as the next President of our fine University. Students recognize the future President's vast experience and commitment to students as attributes that will make him an outstanding President for the University.

WHEREAS, the University has a long and proud history of student involvement in the governance of the University. In keeping with this tradition, we invite President-Designate Yudof to the first Student Senate meeting of the fall. To encourage continuous communication with students from all four campuses we encourage President-Designate Yudof to regularly attend Student Senate Consultative Committee meetings.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT we, the students at the University, are optimistic about President-Designate Yudof's presidency and we look forward to working with him. As is to be expected, students and administration will certainly not always see eye to eye. However, it is our hope that the relationship is an open and honest one and most importantly that it is a relationship based upon trust and respect. We, the students of the University of Minnesota, look forward to establishing a strong working relationship with President-Designate Yudof which will result in a stronger institution that benefits us all.

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