Approved by the: Student Senate - February 4, 2009
Administration - no action required*
Board of Regents - no action required
*A small working group has been exploring the feasibility of an outdoor smoking ban for the Twin Cities campus. The working group has been consulting with faculty, staff, students, and others during the academic year and has heard a wide range of differing opinions about a potential smoking ban as well as other related smoking policy issues. No decisions related to a campus-wide smoking ban have been made.

Resolution on a Twin Cities Campus Smoking Ban

The Twin Cities Student Delegation does not support a campus-wide smoking ban. While we are concerned about the health impact that smokers have on themselves and others, we support other alternatives such as smoking zones, or designated smoking areas. We feel that a well formulated, alternative and enforceable approach, coupled with increased marketing of campus smoking cessation programs, will have a more successful and lasting impact than a campus-wide smoking ban.

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