Technological Upgrades for General Purpose Classrooms

[Presented to the University Senate for Information and Discussion on February 24, 2000]


The Senate Committee on Finance and Planning (on February 1) and the Senate Committee on Educational Policy (on February 9) heard a presentation about plans for significant technological upgrades for general purpose classrooms on the Twin Cities campus. The plan calls for significantly improving the instructional environment and for support for faculty in the classroom. It also requires a one-time expenditure of about $7 million to upgrade classrooms and recurring expenditures of about $1.3 million to keep them equipped and functioning.

The Assembly Committee on Educational Policy and the Senate Committee on Finance and Planning both unanimously endorsed the following resolution, which they present to the Assembly for information.

"The Committee receives enthusiastically and strongly endorses the recommendation for the general purpose classroom technology upgrade and urges it receive the highest priority for funding and implementation at the earliest possible date."

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