Approved by the: Student Senate March 5, 2009
Administration - no action required*
Board of Regents - no action required
* With respect to the Graduate School efforts, the provost has charged a team of faculty, staff, and students to formulate recommendations for restructuring graduate education to enhance student services and support, preserve or further promote academic excellence, and conserve fiscal resources. The team has held open meetings to consult with the University community and their recommendations will be posted for a public comment period shortly. It is important to stress that no final decisions have been made. While the President understands that there has been much debate about the way in which this effort was rolled out, the University is committed to consulting openly with faculty, staff, and students on this and other key decisions to address budget challenges and academic improvements moving forward.


Whereas, during these difficult economic times the University of Minnesota is going to have to make difficult decisions to accommodate budget restrictions, and

Whereas, the announcement regarding the dissolution of the Graduate School at the University of Minnesota occurred in a manner with little transparency or discussion with faculty, students, and staff, and

Whereas, large changes to structure without transparency and discussion leads to mistrust in the administration, decreased morale, and greater possibility for inefficient changes to occur;

Therefore be it resolved that the University of Minnesota leadership take renewed diligence to consult with faculty, students, and staff regarding substantial changes to the University of Minnesota's graduate, professional, and undergraduate programs and services,

Be it further resolved that the administration release a report detailing the University's financial goals and the ways that restructuring processes will meet and exceed those goals.

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