Approved by the: Student Senate - March 1, 2012
Administration - no action required
Board of Regents - no action required

Resolution Calling for Increased Transparency in Collegiate Fees Processes

WHEREAS, all students must pay mandatory collegiate fees that are to pay for '..."goods and services that directly benefit students but that are not part of actual classroom instruction". Allowable goods and services include advising, career services, computer labs, special equipment, orientation activities and other goods or activities intended to enhance the student experience outside of actual classroom instruction.' ; and

WHEREAS, collegiate fees continue to increase each year, with an average increase of 38.8% in Fiscal Year 12, with limited explanation as to the reasons for the dramatic increase.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, The Twin Cities Campus Student Assembly, joins with the Council of Graduate Students and the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly, to respectfully request that the collegiate units explain the striking increase in fees charged by some colleges. And

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that one graduate and/or professional student representative and one undergraduate student representative be present at future meetings of each respective college to discuss alteration to the fee assessment process, and how the fees collected are spent by each college. And

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that should future increases in collegiate fees occur, colleges notify students as soon as the final decision has been made.

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