Approved by the: University Senate - April 6, 2006
Administration - August 21, 2006
Board of Regents - no action required

Resolution on a Vendor Code of Conduct

The Social Concerns Committee of the University of Minnesota recommends that the President establish, as an administrative policy, a written Code of Conduct for University vendors, incorporating priorities identified in the University's existing Trademark Licensee Code of Conduct and existing relevant Board of Regents policies. This Code of Conduct should be drafted in consultation with the Social Concerns Committee and other appropriate Senate committees.


Although the University of Minnesota has adopted a code of conduct for licensees of University goods and apparel that identifies ethical priorities including:
a. Worker wages and benefits
b. Working hours
c. Overtime compensation
d. Child labor
e. Forced labor
f. Health and safety
g. Nondiscrimination
h. Harassment or abuse of workers
i. Freedom of association and collective bargaining
j. Women's rights
it does not currently have a parallel code of conduct for University vendors. Specifying University values in such a policy would allow the University to influence vendors and act as a positive force for change in their corporate ethics. The Social Concerns Committee believes that the University of Michigan's Vendor Code of Conduct serves as a practical model of both language and strategies for enforcement.

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