Approved by the:	University Senate April 17, 1997


WHEREAS, the University of Minnesota is committed to ensuring that access to its Programs is available to all who can benefit from and contribute to them; and

WHEREAS, a diverse student body and a wide range of educational opportunities are of benefit to individual students, to the student population as a whole, to the excellence of the University, and to the social and economic welfare of the state; and

WHEREAS, the University is committed to the value of race, class, and gender diversity in its programs and among its students; and

WHEREAS, impending changes in welfare programs jeopardize these commitments and benefits; and

WHEREAS, within the new federal guidelines, Minnesota has the opportunity to define college education as one of the acceptable work activities for AFDC/TANF recipients;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT the University Senate strongly supports the efforts of Minnesota state legislators to create programs and guidelines that enable AFDC/TANF recipients to pursue a college degree, following an approved educational and training plan, including work-study jobs and internships.

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