Social Concerns Committee Resolution on Alcohol

Approved by the Committee on February 3, 2000

Whereas the problem of alcohol misuse and abuse among our students is a major concern for the University of Minnesota;

Whereas the University has a responsibility to create an environment that promotes the responsible use of alcohol for those students, staff, and faculty members who choose to consume alcohol;

Whereas it is imperative that the University's policies toward the consumption of alcohol on campus provide a model for the responsible use of alcohol for students, staff, faculty, and guests;

Whereas it is imperative that the University send a clear message about the appropriate use of alcohol at an academic institution;

Whereas the Regents' Policy on Alcoholic Beverages on Campus has not been amended since 1974;

Be it resolved that the Regents' Policy on Alcoholic Beverages on Campus and the administrative procedures which implement the policy be revised such that:

Rather than providing for "exceptions" to the Regents' policy, the policy should enable individuals to apply for a permit to serve alcoholic beverages at on-campus events provided specific guidelines are adhered to;

The form used to apply for a permit helps to assure that applicants are aware of their responsibilities as hosts of an event where alcohol will be served on campus;

There are clear penalties for those departments and individuals who violate the established guidelines;

A process is established to monitor compliance with the established guidelines;

Student Service Fees cannot be used to purchase alcoholic beverages;

Be it further resolved that the University provide the appropriate administrative support and resources needed to effectively implement and monitor the new policy and that the University create a statement discouraging the use of alcoholic beverages by faculty and staff during their assigned workday that would be added to the University's Drug-Free Workplace Policy.