Social Concerns Committee
December 10, 2001
Resolution on fair trade, shade grown coffee

Whereas, Coffee farmers worldwide are facing the lowest market prices for their crop in decades; and

Whereas, Many of these farmers are being forced to sell their farms and leave their land or face severe hardship; and

Whereas, Fair-traded coffee guarantees these farmers a minimum price for their crop that allows them to continue to farm and improve the living conditions of their communities; and

Whereas, The State of Minnesota has a long tradition of communities built around family farms; and

Whereas, Sun-grown coffee plantations destroy thousands of acres of rainforest in Central and Latin America, Africa, and Southeast Asia; and

Whereas, This forest is home to a diverse array of flora and fauna and serves as the winter home for many of our migratory songbirds; and

Whereas, Shade-grown coffee prevents the destruction of this forest; and

Whereas, Shade-grown coffee is generally of better quality than sun-grown coffee; therefore be it

RESOLVED That food service providers on all University of Minnesota campuses offer fair-trade, shade-grown coffee on a regular basis at all coffee retail locations, catering operations, and residence halls; and be it further

RESOLVED That whenever possible, this coffee be purchased from a local roaster; and be it further

RESOLVED That the Social Concerns Committee work with food service providers on University of Minnesota campuses to help implement and promote this plan.