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Senate/Assembly Resolutions 1996 - Present

These resolutions express the sense of the Senate/Assembly and do not require formal action by the Administration or Board of Regents.

University Senate

Academic Civility in Graduate and Professional Education, 2010-11

Academic Freedom, 2004-05

Access to HealthPartners Clinics, 2010-11

Against the Proposed "Photo Identification Required for Voting" Amendment to the Constitution of the State of Minnesota, 2012-13

Athletics Investigation, 1999-00

Central Administration's Proposal to Abolish the Graduate School, 2008-09

CIC Provosts' Statment on Publishing Agreements, 2006-07

Classroom Funding for Facilities and Technologies, 2010-11

Classroom Funding for Facilities and Technologies, 2011-12

Classroom Scheduling, 2001-02

Consultation Prior to Reorganization, 2011-12

Edward Prescott, 2004-05

Elmer L. Andersen, 2004-05

Encourage Faculty to Release Student Release Section of Student Evaluations, 2004-05

Energy and Environment Policy for the University, 1996-97

Employee Retention During Strategic Positioning, 2005-06

Equity during Budget Cuts, 2010-11

Fair Trade Coffee, 2007-08

Food and Beverage RFP, 2006-07

General Purpose Classroom Technology Upgrade Plan, 2001-02

Implement System-Wide Restroom and Locker Room Access, 2015-16

Imputed Tax related to Same-Sex Domestic Partner Benefits, 2007-08

Investments Social Concerns, 2005-06

Lactation Support Action, 2013-14

Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Service Pledge Drive, 2011-12

Minnesota Dream Act, 2006-07

Open Access Textbooks, 2012-13

Paratransit Service, 1998-99

PeopleSoft, 1999-00

Personal Floating Holiday, 2010-11

Printers, 2003-04

Proposed Minnesota Constitutional Amendment on Marriage, 2011-12

Protection of Research Data, 1998-99

Recycled Paper, 2003-04

Research Vandalism, 1999-00

Responsible and Ethical Conduct of Research and Scholarship, 1999-00

Retiree Benefits, 2007-08

Rights of Foreign-born Residents of the United States, 2006-07

September 11, 2001-02

Smoke-free Twin Cities Campus, 2012-13

Space Management, 2010-11

Space Use and Cost, 2009-10

Strategic Planning, 2004-05

Student Study Space, 1996-97

Sudan, 2006-07

Tuition Benefits, 2006-07

University Investments in Total Oil Company, 1997-98

University Policies, 1997-98

Use of Student Evaluations of Teaching Data, 1996-97

Vendor Code of Conduct, 2005-06

Voter ID Ballot Amendment, 2012-13

"Welfare Reform" and Students in Training, 1996-97

Student Senate

Academic Advising, 2011-12

Academic Fraud, 1998-99

Affordable Education, 2013-14

All-Campus Vote for Student Fee Increases, 2008-09

"Ban the Box" on Undergraduate Application Forms, 2014-15

Bereavement in the Administrative Policy on Makeup Work for Legitimate Absences, 2014-15

Bicyclist and Pedestrian Concerns, 2011-12

Campus Open Spaces, 2013-14

Central Corridor Tunnel, 2007-08

Civic Engagement, 2005-06

Classroom Upgrades, 2000-01

Conflict Minerals: buying and selling of conflict-free electronics, 2013-14

Council of Academic Professionals and Administrators and Civil Service Committee Reports to the Student Senate, 2005-06

Course Book Cost Reform, 2007-08

Create Test-out Procedures for Classes for which it is Feasible, 2005-06

Designated Suppliers Program, 2007-08

DREAM Act, 2012-13

Email to Faculty Encouraging Release of Course Evaluations, 2009-10

Encourage Faculty to Release Student Release Section of Student Evaluations, 2004-05

Employee Retention During Strategic Positioning, 2005-06

Excused Absence for Election Day Voting, 2011-12

Faculty Unionization, 1996-97

Fair Trade Coffee, 2007-08

Fund and increase demand for the Department of Chicano & Latino Studies, 2014-15

Gender-Neutral Housing at each campus, 2013-14

Gopher Athletics' Summer Student Season Ticket Bundling, 2014-15

Graduate and Professional Student Housing, 2005-06

GRE Subject Test Testing Facility, 2014-15

Housing Inquiry, 2003-04

Implement System-Wide Restroom and Locker Room Access, 2015-16

Increased Transparency in Collegiate Fees Processes, 2011-12

Install a Wheelchair/Bike Accessible Ramp, 2014-15

Letter to Faculty and University Leadership regarding Midterm Evaluations, 2014-15

Letter to the Boynton Alcohol Policy and Abuse Prevention Committee, 2014-15

Light Rail through the University, 2007-08

Makeup Work for Legitimate Absences - Sickness of Minor Dependents, 2009-10

Makeup Work for Legitimate Absences - Student Senators, 2009-10

Minimum Sanctions for Sexual Assault, 2014-15

Minnesota Private College Council, 2002-03

One Stop Improvement, 2004-05

Open Access Textbooks, 2012-13

Opportunity Minnesota, 2008-09

Opposition to the Proposed Constitutional Amendment that Defines Marriage as Between One Man and One Woman, 2011-12

Paratransit Service Flexibility, 2014-15

Parental Notification Policy, 2001-02

Preferred Name Policies, 2013-14

Professional School Student Tuition Structure, 2013-14

Prohibit Trade-off Arrangements between the University of Minnesota and Non-University Entities, 2015-16

Program Closures Due to Budget Constraints, 2004-05

Regent Selection Process, 1997-98

Removal of the Graduate Proficiency Test for Second Languages as a Requirement of Graduation, 1999-00

Reusable Bag Initiative with the University of Minnesota Bookstores, 2015-16

Shared Governance, 2004-05

Smoke-free Twin Cities Campus, 2012-13

Student Access to Student Release Question Data, 2008-09

Student Evaluations of Faculty, 1996-97

Student Legislative Coalition, 1999-00

Student Mental Health Planning, 2015-16

Student Parent concerns in the Administrative Policy on Makeup Work for Legitimate Absences, 2014-15

Student Senate Input to the Advancing Excellence Steering Committee, 2009-10

Student Senate Mentor, 2002-03

Student Sit-ins, 2004-05

Supporting the Affordable College Textbook Act, 2013-14

Supporting the Exemption of State Student Loan Programs from the Federal Preferred Lender Requirements, 2013-14

Supporting the Real Food Challenge, 2011-12

Transparency for the University of Minnesota Leadership, 2008-09

Tuition, 1998-99

Tuition Cap, 2008-09

Tuition freeze or fall for all in-state students, 2014-15

Twin Cities Campus Smoking Ban, 2008-09

Undergraduate Full-Time Policy, 2001-02

Vikings/Gophers Stadium Proposal, 2000-01

Voter ID Ballot Amendment, 2012-13

Welcoming President-designate Mark Yudof, 1996-97

Whose Diversity?, 2015-16

Twin Cities Campus Assembly

Food Services, 1998-99