Civil Service Senate | Calendar

Civil Service Senate Meetings

The Civil Service Senate meetings for 2020-21 will take place on Thursdays on the following dates: 

Juy 23, 2020 10-11:00 a.m. Online Via Zoom
October 1, 2020 10-11:30 a.m. Online Via Zoom
April 1, 2021 10-11:30 a.m. Online Via Zoom


Abbreviation Key

  • AF&T: Academic Freedom & Tenure Committee
  • AHC FCC: Academic Health Center Faculty Consultative Committee
  • AHC SCC: Academic Health Center Student Consultative Committee
  • All-U Honors: All-University Honors Committee
  • ConC: Committee on Committees
  • CAS: Classroom Advisory Subcommittee
  • CSCC: Civil Service Consultative Committee
  • Disabilities: Disabilities Issues Committee
  • EAD: Equity, Access, and Diversity Committee
  • FAOIAC: Faculty Academic Oversight for Intercollegiate Athletics Committee
  • FCC: Faculty Consultative Committee 
  • IAC: Intercollegiate Athletics Committee
  • Judicial: Judicial Committee
  • Library: Library Committee
  • PACC: P&A Consultative Committee
  • SAIC: Student Academic Integrity Committee
  • SCC: Senate Consultative Committee
  • SCEP: Senate Committee on Educational Policy
  • SCFA: Faculty Affairs Committee
  • SCFP: Finance and Planning Committee
  • SCIT: Information Technologies Committee
  • SCSA: Student Affairs Committee
  • SRC: Senate Research Committee
  • Social Concerns: Social Concerns Committee
  • SSCC: Student Senate Consultative Committee