Over the course of the past year, the Student Senate Consultative Committee (SSCC) has been meeting with University administrators to discuss the creation of a system-wide survey designed for students who rent off campus. Through funding provided by the University Senate Office, the Minnesota Student Association (MSA), the UMD Student Association (UMDSA), UMR Student Services, and the UMTC Office for Student Affairs (OSA), the SSCC has now launched this survey, the results of which are intended to act as a resource for students seeking off-campus housing by providing direct reviews of apartment complexes, landlords, and/or management companies. By publishing the survey results on the Student Senate webpage, SSCC members hope to provide students on each campus with resources to assist in their housing search.

You can help fellow University of Minnesota students by taking the survey now! It is through your participation that we can provide students with information to guide their housing decisions.


Shantal Pai, chair, Student Senate
Aleksander Holleran, vice chair, Student Senate
Aditya Penugonda, ranking student senator, Student Senate