The Weekly Update

May 24, 2019

Approved minutes of senates and their committees will be posted on Fridays, when available.

Senate Library Committee, April 17, 2019
In these minutes: 
Report on Dean of Libraries Search Committee; Statement on Affordable Content Update; Introduction of Incoming Chair

Civil Service Consultative Committee (CSCC), April 18, 2019​
In these minutes: 
Social Concerns Committee Update; IAS Community Forum Review; Office for Human Resources (OHR) Policy Reviews; Constitution, Bylaws & Rules Review Workgroup Update; Legislative Outreach Discussion; Presidential Inauguration Discussion; Chairs Report; Subcommittee Reports

Benefits Advisory Committee (BAC), April 25, 2019
In these minutes: 
Employee Benefits Update; Plan Review - Health Partners Dental; Employee Comments - Health Partners Dental; Medical Evacuation Program through Redpoint Plus UHC Global 2018 Final Report

E​quity, Access, and Diversity Committee (EAD), April 29, 2019
In these minutes: 
Chair’s Updates; Planning for Next Year

ROTC, April 30, 2019
In these minutes: 
Unit Presentations

​Benefits Advisory Committee (BAC), May 9, 2019
In these minutes: 
Employee Benefits Update; Update on 2020 Rates; Plan Review - Prime Therapeutics; Employee Comments - Prime Therapeutics


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