The Weekly Update

Approved minutes of senates and their committees will be posted on Fridays, when available.

Senate Research Committee (SRC), April 15, 2019​
In these minutes: 
NIH Regarding Foreign Influence; IRB Process Update; Faculty Concerns
with the Overall Clinical Trials Process; SRC Letter to President Kaler and President-Designate Gabel

Senate Committee on Educational Policy (SCEP), April 17​, 2019​
In these minutes: 
Announcement about Administrative Policy: Makeup Work for Legitimate
Absences; Financial Aid Update; Administrative Policy: Class Scheduling; Women’s Faculty
Cabinet Proposal on SRT Equity; Updates

Academic Health Center Faculty Consultative Committee (AHC FCC), April 23, 2019
In these minutes: 
Discussion of Proposed Metrics to Measure the Success of the Academic
Health Center Restructuring

P&A Consultative Committee (PACC), April 25, 2019
In these minutes: 
Chair’s Report; Civil Service Consultative Committee Report; Subcommittee Reports; Women’s Faculty Cabinet Proposal to the Provost Regarding Student Rating of Teaching; Discussion of Changes to FMLA Policy and Regents Scholarship Policy

Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee (AF&T), April 26, 2019
In these minutes: 
Pen America Workshops Recap; Update on the Reproductive Rights Advocacy Fellowship Delay; Discussion on White House Executive Order Regarding Free Speech; Committee Items for 2019-20 Academic Year]

Civil Service Senate, May 2, 2019
In these minutes: 
Announcement of Chair-elect for 2019-20 and CSCC Elections; Constitution, Rules and Bylaws Project Update; Opportunities for Further Engagement; Chair’s Report; Building a Relationship with the Board of Regents; Subcommittee Reports

Senate Committee on Faculty Affairs (SCFA), May 7, 2019
In these minutes: 
Salary Equity Review Committees (SERC) Update; University & Fidelity
Discovery Meeting Update; 2018 - 2019 SCFA Agenda Items; Faculty Development Leave
Update; Decision-Making/Consultation Process re Moving to Chrome River and its Implications for Faculty Workload; Thank You for Your Service

Senate Committee on Educational Policy (SCEP), May 8, 2019
In these minutes: 
Updates; Liberal Education Update; Evaluation of Teaching; Absence Notes
from Boynton Health

Senate Committee on Finance and Planning (SCFP), May 14, 2019
In these minutes: 
Child Care RFP and Real Estate Update; FY20 Operating Budget Review;
Chrome River - Update from SCFA Meeting

Civil Service Consultative Committee (CSCC), May 23, 2019
In these minutes: 
Senate Research Committee Update; Senate Library Committee Update; Pay Date Change; Communication Projects; AHC Name Change; IT Governance; OHR Updates; Chairs Report; Subcommittee Reports



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